Friday, August 26, 2011

Gagarin Platinum Flying Tourbillon Watch

Bernhard Lederer Only Watch (otherwise called Gagarin Platinum Flying Tourbillon timepiece) is another prime example with the brand's intention to maximally use the creativeness in a method of making fine watches. The watch that Bernhard Lederer Universe presents is its new twist to a limited edition with the Gagarin Tourbillon, which they created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of an extraordinary event that marks 1 of mankind's greatest achievements.

Exactly five decades after Yuri Gagarin's flight into Space, the Swiss watchmaker produced a really unique wristwatch to honor the event. For Only Watch 2011 charity auction they ready a exclusive timepiece with diverse dial, but kept the same ingenious movement and general functions, as inside the watch we previously reviewed in April. This time, the center of the brushed anthracite dial is 18K gold hand-engraved map of the globe.

Though it has plenty amazing characteristics, the bit that stands out is its flying tourbillon that makes a full counter-clockwise rotation every 108 minutes. The duration of its rotation is by no indicates a coincidence, simply because that is the cost timing of Gagarin's flight in space (as the inscription "First Man in Space ¡§C 12 April 1961 ¡§C Duration 108 Min" on the outer portion with the dial suggests).

1 a lot more tribute to Gagarin is the truth that flying tourbillon is suspended by a sweeping bridge that looks specifically exactly the same as the statue that was erected on the landing web site following Gagarin had returned from his historical mission. Yet another nod to that accomplishment is really a rotating magnifying glass that is designed to resemble a window of the Vostok space capsule Gagarin flew in. The glass is even locked by catch that mimics the Vostok's hatch. With this clever design, Bernhard Lederer Universe enabled the future wearer to be in a comparable position as Gagarin as he looked towards the Earth even though he was flying.

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Bernhard Lederer Only Watch has a hand-wound Caliber BL0611 mechanical movement with 35 jewels. Due to the fact it has a triple barrel, it has an extended power reserve of 80 hours. The movement also has a lateral level escapement, monometallic balance as well as a flat balance spring. As previously mentioned, it also possesses a one-minute flying tourbillon regulator with titanium cage that forms the name with the spacecraft Gagarin flew in.

The movement is set in a round case that's 42 mm wide and 15 mm thick, and produced of 950 platinum, whilst the strap is black alligator with platinum buckle. Besides, it possesses a domed sapphire crystal and water resistance to 30 meters.

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