Sunday, August 28, 2011

The New Man In Ladoire Geneve's Life

If there was an award at this year's Geneva Time Exhibition for the mostpersonality of their new collection; dark, dangerous and downright sexy.

It seems now, however, that we have been rewarded for our patience (or very good behavior?) with the very first image of on the list of timepieces from the new Black Widow collection.

Mr Green Ladoire Geneve

The initial of 4 players within the collection, Mr. Green is said to be the epitome of desire, developed to "arouse severe reactions and engender irreparable damage?-" or so the story goes. One particular factor is for sure, this can be a very attractive timepiece quite unlike anything we've seen before.

According to the brand the overall theme with the collection is inspired by the nickname provided towards the dangerous Lactrodaectus Manctans (or deadly spider in layman's terms). Not only indicative of its darker nature, this metaphor is also has also been incorporated literally in to the design. Note the silky web engraved on the GMT ratchet wheels for example.

The overall shape and look is similar to Ladoire's previous models however this new collection features a slimmer and smaller situation measuring 41.77 mm along the 12-6 o'clock axis and 50.84 mm across the 9-3 o'clock axis. The concentrate is on smooth, ergonomic design and style and flawless symmetry with little touches this kind of as the single lug configuration demonstrating Lionel Ladoire's appreciation for the finer details.

The burst of color around the dial contrasts beautifully against the darkness of the case and draws the viewer's attention immediately however the overall affect isn't overpowering. Indeed, every one of the components seem to blend in perfectly together to make a deceptively clean, uncluttered dial which is easy to ready and visually appealing.

The dial structure, left largely open to reveal the automatic movement, is multi-layered and offers three regulator-type offset Hours, Minutes and Seconds zones having a patented display complication (HMS Planetary) mounted on ceramic micro ball bearings. As an added feature the pieces inside the Black Widow collection also feature a GMT function using a central hand adjusted via a fast-action push-piece at 2 o'clock.

Attention to detail is ever present with this new timepiece with the leather strap receiving its equal share. Crafted in accordance with strict leather working criteria, the strap is conceived from a single piece of full-grain, hand-sewn matt leather or alligator leather, secured by a hand-made Ladoire Helvet Manufacture pin buckle.

Mr. Green will be created inside a limited series of only 12 pieces costing CHF 68,800 excl tax.

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