Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rebellion REB-5 Tourbillon

Among the list of standouts from the recent Geneva Time Exhibition was Rebellion Timepieces and in particular one of their most current creations, the uber sexy REB-5 Tourbillon. It looks great, includes a sufficient level of technical complexity to attract the well-trained eyes of connoisseurs and, according for the brand, authoritatively stamps Rebellion's mark on the traditional tourbillon complication. What far more could you ask for?

The Type
Aesthetically the design and style is relatively simplistic, almost minimalist, with even the tourbillon somehow managing to appear subdued and muted. But simultaneously the eye is undeniably drawn to the clean lines and superb finishing from the exposed movement which effectively forms the dial and allows a glimpse in to the inner workings in the micro-mechanics usually hidden from view.

The situation itself is quite huge at 46 mm x 56.7 mm and, as with other timepieces within the collection, subtle references are manufactured towards the brand's association with motor racing, for example the mainspring barrels have been engineered and even drilled to resemble the brake disks and wheels of a sports car. Another trade mark could be the screw heads within the form of the brand's helical logo. Although not significant layout cues they do imbue the piece having a certain sense of attitude and identity.

The Function
The movement has been developed specifically for Rebellion by renowned Swiss master watchmaker, Laurent Besse (among the geniuses behind the mind-blowing movement in the HM4 Thunderbolt among numerous others).Differentiating this movement from other 1-minute tourbillon complications could be the impressive energy reserve. Typically speaking rotating a tourbillon cage each and every minute consumes considerable power so to overcome this Besse incorporated twin mainspring barrels to provide a very respectable seven days of electrical power.

Recognizing that a great deal of attention would be dedicated towards the movement itself Rebellion's clever case design has ensured that no mesmerizing feature is hidden from sight. Turn the over-size crown and you can see the twin mainspring barrels winding, although a window on the side with the situation ensures that the pulsing heart in the watch, the animated tourbillon and oscillator, might be appreciated in all their glory. Similarly the exhibition case back provides uninterrupted views from the tourbillon, the two mainspring barrels, the wheel train and even the winding and time-setting mechanisms.

The REB-5 is available in an extremely exclusive, limited edition of only 12 pieces per year and will be offered inside your choice of red gold, black titanium DLC and titanium and presented on a natural rubber strap with double folding buckle matching the case metal.

The Final Word
What can we say, Rebellion just make cool watches which exhibit a high-level of attention to detail and technical excellence. The designs are inherently bold and distinctive nevertheless it never feels like they are trying too hard to become different.

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