Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Soon to Hong Kong: Festival des Metiers by Hermes

If you have ever wondered why you ought to lay down a tiny fortune for an Hermes Birkin or Collier de Chien, the Festival des Metiers, which will make its pit-stop in Hong Kong from September 30 at Metal Zone in Elements, will show you the painstakingly meticulous human element behind your Hermes object.

A showcase with the virtuosity of Parisian artisanship, this week-long event is actually a must-see that has charmed numerous others in tours around Europe, America and now Asia. We teased you earlier about the upcoming Festival des Metiers creating its pit cease in Hong Kong. Here's a bit far more within the Festival of Crafts, and why you need to make a sojourn down to get a look-see.

Eight stations will introduce you towards the dedication that goes into making every detail in your product just appropriate, like the stitching of leather bags and accoutrements; the layer-by-layer silkscreening of the House's legendary carre; and also the affixing of person diamonds using the tiniest of tweezers on your Collier de Chien cuff.

Held in a sumptuously modern setting - developed by internationally acclaimed Milanese designer Paola Navone, no much less - at Metal Zone in Elements, the exhibit will officially open towards the public from September 30 by means of October 5. A genuinely unprecedented and intimate glimpse in to the private workings with the Maison, be prepared to be blown away by the deft showmanship with the most representative metiers of the House.

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