Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The media just can't get enough of John Galliano

Last month Cathy Horyn speculated that he would be reappointed to his signature label, claims that were soon proven untrue after Bill Gaytten got the job as creative director (and let's see how long that lasts). Today, new rumours have surfaced that the former Dior designer has a new gig.

After designing Kate Moss's wedding dress and producing an unexpected appearance at the nuptials last week, Vogue UK reported that Galliano was in talks with Topshop CEO Sir Philip Green regarding a possible collaboration using the high-street megastore. According towards the magazine's website, a collection similar towards the 1 Moss did a couple of years again was probably brought up in conversation among Green and Galliano at the supermodel's wedding.

So, is there any truth towards the rumours? All signs are pointing to no. Both Green and Topshop denied any negotiations, and despite the fact that Galliano fans would still jump at the chance to own his styles at an affordable cost point, it seems an alignment with all the designer now still feels as well risky. So, what's everyone saying?


Vogue UK: "The move would be considered a fashion resurrection for Galliano, currently awaiting judgment for charges of public insult in Paris, specially as his return would be under the wing of Green, one with the country's most influential Jewish businessmen."

Topshop: "It's incredible how rumors get started!"

Sir Philip Green: "I saw John Galliano at Kate's wedding last Friday. I did not discuss any business with him then, nor have I considering that."


Randi Bergman, online editor: "I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be true. After all, rumours like this all tend to start off using a denial (let's not forget Sarah Burton's swift denial of designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress). I for one, even though, am not ready to find out Galliano anywhere near a positive spotlight any time soon."

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