Monday, October 10, 2011

A feast for that eyes along with the ears, versus the backdrop from the legendary "Rocher" of Monaco

Monaco was the setting, this weekend, for the second Planet Presentation of Haute Horlogerie & Jewellery event. An event as prestigious and audacious as its initiator, the Franck Muller Group. A look back again at what has turn out to be a key date on the international look at and jewellery scene.

Held from 29th September to 2nd October on the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, the 2011 WPHH & Jewellery event came to its conclusion after 4 highly successful days. 1,200 professionals through the sector and the international press travelled to this second edition in the independent look at fair in Monaco.

The Principality's congress centre was transformed into a sumptuous showcase for that nine companies within the Franck Muller Group - Franck Muller - Franck Muller Jewellery - Pierre Kunz - ECW - Rodolphe - Barthelay - Backes & Strauss - Martin Braun - Pierre Michel Golay - Smalto Timepieces - to current their most up-to-date creations. They gave a lesson in horology and jewellery, not least Franck Muller which unveiled its stunning Lady Tourbillon Automatic, a mechanical masterpiece that beats for the rhythm of one particular with the world's smallest tourbillons, using a diameter of just 11.6 mm.

The Group was joined by 4 prestigious partners, Cvstos, Carlo Illario, Joaillier Prive and Valmont. The latter, a Swiss cosmetics specialist, offered some lucky visitors an opportunity to relax amid the effervescence in the fair, inside a Spa that magically appeared on the Rodolphe stand (the two happen to be partners considering that February 2011).

For the grand finale, a breathtaking firework display lit up the sky over Monaco, admired by 500 VIP guests inside the legendary Salle des etoiles on the Sporting Monte-Carlo. This majestic representation was accompanied on-stage from the talented pianist Katie Mahan and also the brilliant tenor Claudio Versace. A feast for the eyes along with the ears, in opposition to the backdrop in the legendary "Rocher" of Monaco.

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