Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swiss View Gallery thought we would treat the inhabitants of Kuala Lumpur with an exceptional exhibition

In order to adequately represent its success over the years, Swiss Look at Gallery decided to showcase great horological achievements, these kinds of as watches from minimal editions, museum watches, high jewellery timepieces and grande complication wristwatches. Many of them have never before been seen inside the country. The exhibition showcased watches from seven leading brand names the company represents, six watchmakers: Cartier, Graham-London, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Montblanc, Ulysse Nardin, as well as an exclusive product from a luxury cellular phone manufacturer, Vertu.

Furthermore, the Timepieces exhibition offered its visitors a rare treat - a chance to see Ulysse Nardin Master Watchmaker Gaetan Bessonet in action. The head with the brand's department of high complications, Bessonet, demonstrated the knowledge as well as the technique which are necessary to high-end watches. People who attended the exhibition have been also to hear about the specifics of the Villeret collection by Mont Blanc from the company's official Florian Brossard.

World renowned French manufacturer of jewelry and timepieces, Cartier, held the largest area with the show. It presented watches from three of its collection: the quartz-driven Delices collection of gold watches decorated with diamonds, fine men's mechanical watches from the Calibre collection, as well as various products from the Ronde series.

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Graham London showed off its exquisite Silverstone Tourbillograph Full Black Observe. This exceptional view features both a column-wheel chronograph along with a tourbillon. The timepiece has Calibre G1780 self-winding movement that runs within the frequency of 4Hz, has 34 jewels, shock resistance along with the electricity resistance of 48 hrs. Its one-minute tourbillon, constructed in off-centre position, is displayed through the black dial. It has black steel with a PVD finish along with a black croco strap. It is clearly a wonderful observe with looks, quality and resistance that allows it be worn in both extreme conditions or in a combination having a dinner jacket.

IWC Schaffhausen showcased beautiful Portuguese Perpetual Calendar timepiece. This look at with an appealing midnight blue dial has an automatic mechanical Calibre 51614 movement with 62 jewels along with a 7-day reserve, indicated on its face. The observe is set in a very white gold round case, 44.2 mm wide, and it includes a perpetual calendar using a date, day, month, 12 months indication and with the display of moon phases for both hemispheres. IWC also displayed Aquatimer Automatic 2000 mechanical diving look at that has the ability to withstand water pressure to 2000 meters bellow surface.

Jaeger Le-Coultre prepared something special for that visitors. It displayed iconic Reverso timepieces, unveiled for the initial time in Malaysia. The legendary watches through the company ended up created precisely eight decades ago to meet the needs of British officers in India who demanded timepieces that would be able to withstand hard bumps that occur during a polo game. More than that, the brand made a watch with an immaculate Art Deco design that still persists. Through years, it included new sizes and complications, but kept its iconic status.

Montblanc was represented with dial-shifting Metamorphosis look at, offered last yr at SIHH (Salon Worldwide de la Haute Horologerie Geneve). The ingenious observe, conceived by Johnny Girardin and Franck Orny, owns its name to its remarkable ability to change the appearance of the face and functions. Having a simple move of a slide, the Metamorphosis shifts from the usual time display to a chronograph! In its regular mode, this model indicates hrs, minutes and features a peculiar round date display. Besides, the dial includes Roman numerals. However, once the slide is activated, the watch begins a breathtaking metamorphosis that changes the face from the observe which then has a face with a chronograph function. In this mode, the numerals are Arabic and also the sub dial that displays date becomes the minute counter. This fantastic look at is constructed within a limited edition, consisting of only 28 pieces.

A special touch in the exhibition was the wristwatch dedicated towards the country in which it was held. The constrained version of Ulysses Nardin, called 1Malaysia, was crafted being a tribute towards the country which the late president of the brand, Rolf Schnyder, chose for his home. Scnyder, who died before this yr, bought the ailing company in 1983, turned its fortune around and brought it to highly respectable position. The 1Malaysia capabilities Malaysian territories and flag on its dial. It will be the limited version that consists of just 25 pieces in rose gold and 75 in stainless steel.

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