Monday, December 3, 2012

The actual remarkable specialized knowledge

Within their continuing pursuit of accuracy, watchmaker Farrenheit. G. Journe offers additional a brand new watch in order to their Souveraine selection: The actual Chronom├Ętre Ideal, the time- just design which brings together a lot of Journe's methods, right here collected with regard to the very first time in one view. These types of methods consist of: 2 barrels within parallel, the actual constant-force remontoire, the totally brand new Journe EBHP escapement, and also the organic lifeless defeat 2nd, which may be observed revolving counter-clockwise about the back again from the motion!

The actual remarkable specialized knowledge put in the actual view, plays a role in it's basic high quality, which associated with providing time along with nearly total accuracy. This is a overview from the Journe-only methods within the brand new view:

-- The actual dual gun barrel using its 2 comes guarantees the actual balance from the generating pressure from the flower precious metal motion, (a good Farrenheit. G. Journe niche)

-- The actual constant-force remontoire (obvious EP1528443. A2) amounts the actual generating pressure put on the actual
escapement to create this continuous. With the addition of an additional equipment symbolizing a completely independent program injury in a nutshell spurts through the mainspring, the actual escapement guarantees the actual balance's isochronism. This particular remontoire, made from titanium with regard to the very first time, keeps it's stability in various jobs, with regard to higher effectiveness.

-- The actual EBHP High-Performance Bi-axial Escapement has additionally already been trademarked. This particular two-wheel immediate behavioral instinct escapement features without having essential oil and it is the only real immediate behavioral instinct escapement to begin upward by itself. Although not just will it perform without having lubrication, additionally, it offers much better result compared to nearly all escapements: 50 several hours without having lack of amplitude. Numerous dual-wheel escapements happen to be produced previously, probably the most effective becoming the actual "natural" escapement created through A-L. Breguet within 1823.

-- The total amount having a spin out of control along with Phillips contour ensures much better balance. The actual Chronom├Ętre Ideal has a forty or even forty two mm platinum eagle or even red-colored precious metal situation, having a whitened precious metal or even red-colored precious metal call, on the leather-based straps, platinum eagle or even red-colored precious metal band.

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