Saturday, April 13, 2013

Classic Series Cartier the new chain belt package _ lifestyle _ China reported net - China reported


 elegant fashion

Cikuan chain belt pack to lead smooth as silk , leather , jewelry buckle with tortoiseshell gloss clamshell , filling the endless charm of exquisite stained effect . Either shoulder , but also close to hand , walk through the streets of a compelling accessories , very feminine charm .



black cartier santos 100 replica, beige , red three colors , with square and rectangular two styles to choose from , day dresses with square style evening dress with a rectangular handbag , a chain with the chain , flip buckle Angular stark contrast , highlighting the beauty of the shape .


 fashion pack with

this section dizzying chain with metal accessories and patent leather elements , as well as black double stitching piping embodies exquisite leather technology , making it the women dream of shiny accessories . ( Edit / Locke )

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